practice swimming pool safety this summer

You look forward to spending your summer days with family and friends, relaxing by the pool and enjoying the outdoors. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to start getting the pool ready for summertime. Here are a few easy ways to prepare for swimming pool safety.

For Swimming Pool Safety, Install a Fence

Install a fence around the pool area to keep out small children and pets. A barrier will help prevent people from using the pool without your knowledge. Plan your fence to enclose the pool separate from the rest of your backyard. This will give children space to play in the yard without having access to the water. Make sure your pool gate has a lock to keep the area secure.

Establish Rules for Pool Use

Write your own set of pool use guidelines and keep them posted in the area. Make sure that anyone who has access to the pool understands and follows the rules. Discuss common-sense safety precautions with your family and make sure everyone agrees on them. Your list of pool rules should include:

  • Running in the pool area is not allowed.
  • No dunking or holding others underwater.
  • No wrestling around the pool.
  • Swimming without an adult present is against the rules.
  • Stay away from the drains.
  • Only swim sober.

Be Careful with Inflatables

Inflatable toys are fun in the pool. However, be sure to never overcrowd the pool with them. Because of their size, inflatables obstruct visibility. These toys also overturn easily, tipping children into the water when they may not be expecting it. Inflatable toys are not meant to be used as safety devices. Every pool should have a life preserver installed nearby in case of an emergency.

Install an Alarm for Swimming Pool Safety

There are pool alarms that will alert you when someone enters the pool area. You can also install an alarm that will sound if someone enters the water. Alarms will immediately inform you if your child or a neighbor tries to gain access to your swimming pool.

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