summer upgrades for the home

Summer is here and there are certain home projects that are perfect for this time of year. Your goals may include keeping the house cool, safe, and looking great inside and out. Here are 5 summer upgrades for the home to add to your list.

Keep the Cool Air in by Making the House Airtight

Running the air conditioning in the summer gets expensive, especially when your home is not airtight. One of the most valuable summer upgrades is to seal up gaps around doors and windows where cool air can seep out and warm air can enter. This will help the interior stay at whatever temperature you set the thermostat without the AC working too hard. Use adhesive weatherstripping around doorframes and silicone caulk on windows.

Summer Upgrades for the Home to Save Water

During summer, homeowners tend to use more water on their lawns and gardens, which drives up the water bill. Use free water for these tasks by installing a rain barrel to the gutter downspout. Most rain barrels have a spigot that you can attach a garden hose to and then use to water plants or wash the car. Only use this water for outdoor tasks, because rainwater is not clean enough to drink.

Make a Shady Spot on the Deck

An uncovered deck can get uncomfortably hot in the summer. The deck surface can burn bare feet and paws and people can get sunburned. Make a shady area for your deck with an umbrella, shade sail, or potted tree. You could also extend your home’s roof over the deck with an awning if you are up for a more involved project.

Summer Upgrades for the Home: Install a Home Security System

Because summer vacations are common, burglars are on the lookout for homes that seem unoccupied. To protect your home against theft, install a home security system this summer. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home has a defense against criminals. There are many different types of security systems, from smart home technology to 24/7 monitored systems.

Control Weeds and Plant Low-Maintenance Vegetation

With all the rainstorms and heat of the summer, your yard’s vegetation can rapidly grow out of control. In the same season, you might face a drought that causes your plants to dry out. Manage weeds by using weed killer or, for a more natural solution, laying cardboard to smother the weeds. Then cover the cardboard with mulch. When choosing new plants for your landscape, choose drought-tolerant varieties that will thrive no matter how much it rains.

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