home safer for seniors

If you have an elderly loved one who is aging-in-place, it’s important to prepare their home to keep them safe. A typical house has hazards that can cause injury to someone with vision and mobility problems. Take these 6 steps to help make a home safer for seniors.

Install Grab Bars to Make a Home Safer for Seniors

As people grow older, it becomes more difficult for them to stand up and their balance might be compromised. Grab bars in critical areas of the home can prevent a serious injury. Install bars in the bathroom by the tub, shower, and toilet, and in the bedroom next to the bed.

Clear Pathways

Pathways should be free from clutter to make a home safer for seniors. Obstacles in the hallway are a hazard, and if the person uses a walker or wheelchair, parts of the home may be inaccessible. Bundle electrical cords together and put them out of the way to prevent someone from tripping over them.

Put Essentials Within Reach

Items that are used often should be kept within arms reach. It can be dangerous for an older adult to climb on a stepstool or bend down low to get something. Rearrange items so they’re not in high and low cabinets and everything is easily accessible. This tip is especially important in the kitchen.

Check Batteries in Smoke Alarms

Be sure to check the batteries in the smoke detectors every month, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. Also, testing the smoke alarms usually requires climbing on a step stool or chair, which can cause an elderly person to fall and get injured. If you live nearby, complete this task for them. If you don’t, ask a trusted friend or caregiver to complete this task.

Prevent Slipping and Falls

Attach rugs securely to the floor to keep them from slipping around and causing a fall. Put non-slip mats in the bathroom also. Wet tile floors and bathtubs are very slippery and falling on a hard surface can cause serious injury.

Install Bright Lights to Make a Home Safer for Seniors

As people grow older, their eyesight usually deteriorates. Replace dim lightbulbs with bright LED bulbs. Push lights or touch lamps are useful for seniors because they are easier to turn on. You might even consider installing motion-sensor lights, especially outdoors.

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