DIY outdoor kitchen ideas

Entertaining outdoors is a fun way to spend time with friends and family and relax in nature. Improve your outdoor living space with a kitchen. Look at the spaces you have available and determine your budget. Here are a few DIY outdoor kitchen ideas to inspire you.

Get Started Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

First, determine what space you have available for this project. Maybe you have a patio you could use or a large backyard with plenty of space. Do you have a porch or deck you could extend to create kitchen space?

The next thing to do is to determine how much money you can spend. Make a list of things you want in your kitchen and create a budget. Some home improvements can be costly, so think about what you need to have and what you can live without. You can always add on later.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You Can DIY

Portable Outdoor Kitchen

If space is an issue or you only need a simple set-up, create a smaller portable outdoor kitchen. These can be crafted from a serving cart or a wooden cabinet base you can build in a weekend. Incorporate a cutting board, counter, and space for a grill. Don’t forget the wheels; they provide a fully portable kitchen to store in your garage. Roll it out to your patio, deck, or the side yard for get-togethers with friends and neighbors.

Kitchen From Repurposed Furniture

Browse your local thrift shops for some furniture that can be repurposed, like storage cabinets, a hutch, or a workbench. Cut and position the piece to fit your outdoor cooking needs and insert a mini-fridge, grill, and countertop. Once you have configured your set-up, finish the piece with tiles or wood stain and sealant.

Outdoor Grilling Kitchenette

If you especially enjoy backyard cookouts, create a space to enhance your grilling capabilities by building a grilling island. Start with your grill and design cabinets and countertops around it. The cabinets provide space to neatly store utensils, grilling spices, an extra tank of propane or bag of charcoal briquettes, and any other tools you’ll need for preparing food. You’ll have a countertop for food prep and serving.

DIY Patio-to-Kitchen Conversion

Convert part of your patio into an area for outdoor food preparation. If you have a patio, you already have a solid foundation. The next step is to plan the design. Decide what you’ll need in the kitchen. Plan space for grill or griddle, small refrigerator, sink, and maybe even a bar with stools for extra seating. If the patio area is covered, add a TV screen for watching the game or summer evening movies.

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